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Bombay Deli

Turkish | Tandoori | Indian | European

Minimum Delivery Fee - £2 | Minimum Order - £10

Delivery 40 - 60min | Collection 15 - 20min

Get 10% Discount on All Online Orders. T&Cs apply !

Bombay Deli offers an authentic taste of Indian, American and European cuisines

Box Deals

Meal Deals

Starters (10% off)

Kebabs (10% off)
All served with pitta bread, salad & sauce. Salad& sauce separate 50p extra. Extra pitta Bread 30p. Extra salad 80p. Extra sauce 30p

Hoghee (10% off)
All hoghee served with large wrap, chips, cheese, salad & sauce. Salad & sauce separate 50p extra. Extra salad 80p. Extra sauce 50p

Burgers (10% off)
All our burger are made 100% british beef

Tandoori Meals
All tandoori meals served with rice curry sauce and salad

Pizza & Calzone (10% off)
We are italian about pizzas and calzones. We are sure you will be hooked if you try once

Curry Cottage (10% off)
All curry dishes can be cooked to your desired strength

Tandoori Delicacies (10% off)

Kids Menu (10% off)
Kids Meal come with chips and caprisun

Baked Potatoes (10% off)
Choose your two toppings Free. Extra Topping £ 1.50

Accompaniments (10% off)